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Tripp-Jones Family History

Micah Tripp was born sometime between 1850 and 1863. She was the second or third daughter of Wesley Harris and Eliza Tripp. Her actual birth date is not known at this time. Census records taken in 1870, 1880, 1900, and 1910 give her an uneven age differential at each of these census reports. Her maternal sisters were Mollie, Sarah, and Sylvia. No other sisters or brothers have been associated with Micah. Very little is known about her sisters but census records indicate that Mollie was a school teacher.

In 1865 the daughter of a plantation owner named Tripp moved from Henrico County in Virginia to Americus, Georgia. As a gift from her father she took Micah, her parents, and her sisters. Micah was believed to be about 15 years old at the time. 

Micah married Alfred Jones on June 30th 1881, in Americus, Georgia. The marriage ceremony was performed by Reverend Thomas Steward. Micah and Alfred had thirteen children. The 1900 census records the names of their living children as Rose, Sybil, Susan, Olivia, Lizzie, Isabel, Alfred, and Mamie Lou. We do not know the names of the other children. A fire destroyed the 1990 census records and unfortunately those records may have given us the names to the other five children.


Alfred died prior to 1890. Micah supported her children by working as a cook. Her sisters Rose, who worked as a servant, and Olivia, who worked as a laborer, assisted her. Micah died in 1927.

Our Tripp-Jones Family Lineage

The Tripp line of our family lineage has come from one of two families of Tripps who came to southern America. The first was Edward Tripp who resided in Northampton County, Virginia in 1649. The second was Henry Tripp who resided in Maryland in 1663.

The Jones line of our family lineage may be linked to a George Jones. George was a member of the earliest Jones family to come to America. George Jones resided in Maryland in 1663.

Biographies of  Rose, Isabelle, Lizzie and Sybil

Rose was married to Mr. Warren. After a couple of years she moved to Macon, Georgia where she worked for Mr. Grimes and later moved to North Carolina where she resided until her health began to fail. Rose returned to Americus, where she lived with her sister Lizzie. Shortly thereafter they moved to Davenport, Florida, where Lizzie lived until her death.

Isabelle was born in Americus, Georgia, on August 8th 1884. She was the tenth child of Alfred and Micha Tripp. Isabelle attended McKay Hill School in Americus. She was the mother of 11 children, (Mary, Samuel, Louis, George, Sarah Belle, Christine, Charles, Edward, Millicent, and Daniel). The eleventh child died at birth. While in Georgia, she was a member of Trinity AME Church. Isabelle moved to Alexandria, Virginia in 1917 and became a member of Third Baptist Church. Isabelle died January 7th, 1945.

Lizzie Gibson, a daughter of Alfred and Micha Tripp, was born on December 4th 1889, in Americus, Georgia. Lizzie was educated in the public school system of Americus. At an early age, as was the custom of that day, she entered domestic service.  During 1910, she met and married Lucius Gibson, the son of Charlie and Ellen Lawson Gibson of Lumpkin, Georgia. Lucius had recently arrived in Americus to begin work for Seabird railroad. To the union was born a son, Lucius Gibson II. Two other children preceded this union-- a daughter named Mattie and a son named Ernest. When Lizzie's sister Sybil died and left six children to be cared for, Lizzie provided a home for four of the children (Estonia, Emma Lue, Elmira, and  Mary Sue). Lizzie's sister Rose, took care of the other two children, (Anderson and Lizzie Mae). After World War II, Lucius and Lizzie moved to Davenport, Florida. It was there that she died on June 19th 1962.

Sybil Jones was one of eight children born to Alfred and Micha Jones. She was born in Americus, Georgia, and attended school there. She was married to Hosea Kendrick. They had three children, Estonia, Elmira and Emma Lue. After Hosea died, Sybil maried Burton Reynolds. From this union, three children were born (Mary Sue, Anderson and Lizzie). They moved Helena, Georgia, where they lived until their deaths. The children were brought back to Americus, and raised by Sybil's oldest sister, Rose. 

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