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Aaron Mountain Soaps
Wilma Prudhum Green, Owner


Aaron Mountain Soaps, located in Falls Church VA, is a small business specializing in handmade soaps, lotion bars, and sugar scrubs. All products are made in small batches with quality ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, hempseed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, aloe vera, goat's milk, sugars, herbs, essential/fragrance oils, and more....
Also available from AMS are crocheted soap savers handmade by my sister in Florida. Soap savers are available in a variety of colors.


The seed for Aaron Mountain Soaps was planted in 2020 as the world was struggling to manage a pandemic and each of us was trying to find our own way to deal with a new way of living, working, and caring for each other in a world changed forever. For me, dealing with everything that was going on started off as a hobby and gradually turned into a business. My soaping hobby was triggered by a couple of handcrafted soaps gifted to me by my niece and a beginner's soapmaking kit that I bought from a crafters supply store. The kit sat untouched for almost a year. While the kit sat, I began making soaps with all kinds of store-bought melt-and-pour soap bases and giving the soaps to family, friends, and anyone who showed an interest in my new-found hobby. After several of these quick batches and feedback from my soap "testing" family and friends, I finally opened the soapmaking kit and made my first batch of what I like to think of as natural soap. Soap made with simple, easy-to-pronounce ingredients that have been chosen for their skin-loving benefits.


Wilma Prudhum Greene
I do not have a website but a list of products is available upon request.

Sugar Scrub
Lotion Bars
Sugar scrubs w/bamboo spoon for scooping
Soap Savers
Wilma Prudhum Greene


  • 3 bars of soap for $20 or $7 per bar; bars weigh 4.5-5 oz

  • Various soap scents include lavender; oatmeal, milk & honey; patchouli; rose; apple;  and lemongrass.

  • Sugar scrubs (8oz) $10 - Scrub scents include lavender; oatmeal, milk, and honey; lemon; rose; pumpkin spice; eucalyptus; and mint.

  • Whipped soap sugar scrubs (8oz) $12

  • Scrub scents include lavender; oatmeal, milk, and honey; rose; pumpkin spice; and mint.

  • Lotion bars $5

  • Crochet soap savers $5

I take great joy in making luxurious soap and other products using quality ingredients. Try Aaron Mountain Soaps handmade products and feel the really do deserve it!

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